Do you have what it takes?

4653 KM

Its not only the car, its the DRIVER!


Do you have the stamina, the skills and the physic to drive 4653 km in less then 60 hours?, You are qualified to be one of the contestants for the annual Stockholm to Agadir race. 

From the city hall of Stockholm, Sweden to the parking lot Oufella Agadir, Morocco, through 8 countries, two ferries, The Öresunds bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen, mountains and many different amazing surroundings.  


Stockholm, Sweden

The city hall of Stockholm

The start of the race

"Why not start the race in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?"

Single driver or two drivers in one car

One race, two groups of drivers

Single driver with maximum time of 60 hours to complite the race

Two drivers with maximum time of 50 hours to complite the race

Agadir, Morocco

View from Oufella Agadir.

The goal of the race.

"Its worth it"

Beautiful Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

Stockholm is built on 19 islands, with its history and beautiful architecture, its not so strange it has become a very popular tourist city to travel to. 

Sweden is the creator of car- and truck/bus manufacturers as Volvo, Saab and Scania. Even if Saab stopped manufacture cars, they continue building airplanes such as the multi roll fighter jet Saab 39 Gripen

The start

City hall

Stockholm city


Agadir, Morocco. 

The city with the best weather all year, of all cities in Morocco. 

The very long beach, the restaurants , bars, options to rent waterjet, to windsurf, surf schools, play tennis, bowling and much more.

A relaxing place, with good foods and a great souk to visit. 

The finnish





The Driver, The Car, The Road

Like fire, that needs fuel, oxygen and heat to exist, same with the euphoria of driving. Its me/the driver, the car, and the endless roads, that takes us to many places. "Its not only the destination, its the journey to get there,". 

What is happiness? It can be many things, but for a driver, its his car, the road and the experience, the connection between the driver and his car, and together explore the world. 

Henrik Zetterström, founder of 

Stockholm Agadir race